Welcome to Big Buck HD Add-On Tourneys!

By Mike - 6/11/2012

Add-On Tourneys allow you to enter your score from any standard play into a tournament for only $1. A unique Add-On Tourney will exist for every animal including 1 Trek (Mini Tourney) and 3 Trek (Mega Tourney) variations. By choosing to add-on a tournament to your standard play, you will have the opportunity to win cash prizes. Half of all players in each tournament will win a prize.

Benefit of Add-On Tourneys

Tournament leaderboards are smaller and limited to a certain amount of players. This allows tournaments to close much faster, creating more winners and paying out more prizes!

Add-On Tourneys cost only $1 to join and the entire buy-in fee is paid back in full through the tournament prize pool. Half of all players that join a tournament will win a prize.

Compete in more than one tournament at a time. You can compete in as many of these tournaments as you would like. More tournaments mean more opportunities to win prizes.

Since the Add-On Tourney is literally added on to your Standard Play, you can enjoy all of the regular features of Big Buck HD Online. Continue to complete challenges, achieve national Hunter Heroes, check in with your friends list all while competing in a tournament for cash prizes.

All prize winnings are automatically placed into your player account. No prize claiming needed. Use your winnings immediately to play your next Big Buck HD game.

How it works

Choose the standard turn-based game (titled 'Big Buck') then choose number of treks you'd like to play and the number of players. You will then be prompted to add-on a tournament for $1 more. Choose 'Yes' then pay for your full game. You must be 18 or older to compete in tournaments.

Mini Tourney leaderboards allow 10 players and Mega Tourney leaderboards allow 25 players. Mega Tourneys have a larger payout since there are more players involved. Once the leaderboard for a particular tournament fills up, the tournament automatically closes and any prize money won is put directly into your player account.

You can join as many active tournaments as you would like. Once you join an Add-On Tourney, your final score is entered into the leaderboard. Since you can only enter one score into a particular Add-On Tourney, that tournament is finished for you. When that tournament leaderboard fills up, it will close and pay out prizes. While that tournament is filling up, you can get ahead of the pack and start the next Add-On Tourney for that animal. All you need to do is follow the exact same steps of joining an Add-On Tourney for that animal and the system will automatically generate a brand new Add-On Tourney.

Add-On Tourneys fill up in order of their creation. Once an Add-On Tourney leaderboard is full, it is automatically closed and prizes will be paid. At that point, the next person to join an Add-On Tourney for that animal will create a new tournament. In some instances, there may already be a tournament created. This is the case from above where a player chooses to get ahead of the pack by opening up a new Add-On Tourney for an animal that he has already posted a score to. In this case that Add-On Tourney will become the next active tournament for that animal and will begin to fill up.

In some instances an Add-On Tourney may not close. After 14 days from the creation of an Add-On Tourney, that tournament will be void. No prizes will be issued but all players that competed will be refunded their $1 Tournament Buy-In Fee into their player account.

Player Account

Now getting to your prize winnings is easier than ever using your player account. Any time you win an Add-On Tourney prize, that prize will be automatically entered into your player account. You can use funds from your player account to pay for game play on Big Buck HD.

To do this you need to have a Big Buck HD Player Card and a verified email address with Big Buck HD. Once you have funds in your player account and you are verified, then you are all set to start using your player account to pay for play on Big Buck HD. Player Cards are free and will be mailed to you once your web account has been verified.

At the game when it's time to pay, simply swipe your Big Buck HD Player Card and follow the on-screen prompts. If you don't have enough money in your player account, the game will ask you to pay the remaining balance with cash or credit.

If at any point you'd like to cash out the money in your player account, visit the player account balance page at www.bigbuckhd.com and follow the instructions. A check for the full amount of money in your player account (balance from winnings only) will be mailed to you.