Showdown - Real-Time Online Matches

By Mike - 6/15/2012

Here is your chance to play anyone from across the country LIVE without leaving your location. Experience the first-of-its-kind feature built specifically for you into Big Buck HD.

Choose Showdown and a challenge will be issued. The match-making system will first look for players on your friends list to pair you up with. It will then fill the remaining spots with the next players that choose Showdown.

Once the players have been established the game will begin. But to give the challenging player an extra incentive, the player that began the Showdown will be entered into a practice mode while waiting for players. This mode is free and allows the player to get extra play while waiting. As soon as the challenge has been accepted the player will be taken out of practice mode and entered into the lobby.

Once the game begins, the animal for each site will be chosen at random. Each player will play the same animal at the same time with the same opportunity for scoring. Keep in mind that this mode functions like the turn-based mode (not shootout). What you do on your screen will not affect what the other players do on their screens. Meaning you're not shooting at the same exact animal. You are playing a turn-based game at the same exact time. So you are trying to achieve the highest score out of the group.

At the end of each site a winner will be declared (player with highest score) and that player's replay will be shown on all participating game screens.

At the beginning of the match you can join a Showdown Tourney and the winner at the end of Showdown wins the prize pool.

Showdown is a unique, challenging, and exciting way to experience Big Buck HD. Now the players on the leaderboards are more than just names. Get out there and challenge them LIVE!