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By Mike - 6/18/2012

Big Buck HD boasts some of the most beautiful graphics ever before seen in a video game. But it doesn't stop there. The Big Buck Team has added many new features to bring your game to a whole new level.


Stat Tracking

All of your stats at your fingertips. Access your stats at any Big Buck HD game machine through the 'my profile' tab on the site selection screen. Lifetime stats include bucks killed, trophies killed, critters killed, number of perfect sites, marksmen awards, double perfects, and longest perfect streak. Also view detailed trek and adventure game stats at www.bigbuckhd.com.

Add-On Tourneys

Every animal has its own tournament. Now turn your casual play into a chance to win cash by 'adding-on' a tournament. Add-On Tourneys are easy to join, close quickly, and increase your chance of winning prizes.

Read more about Add-On Tourneys

National Tournaments

Compete in a monthly tournament with the best from around the country. Show off your skills and win some big prizes while doing it. The best part is that you won't pay anything extra. That's right, for the same cost of a standard play, you can join a National Tournament and have a chance to win cash.


Want to play someone from a different location LIVE? Now you can. Showdown allows up to four players from around the country to compete in a real-time challenge. Players can even choose to enter a Showdown Tourney and the winner of the match 'takes all.'

Read more about Showdown


Big Buck HD issues challenges for players to complete. These challenges start easy, like shoot five bucks. Once completed you will earn a badge. This badge will show in your completed challenges tab both on the game and on the web. Challenges will get much more difficult so see how many you can complete and show off your trophy case of badges to your friends.

Dangerous Trophy

Taking the Big Buck Safari trophy animal to a whole new level, Big Buck HD introduces Dangerous Trophies. The Dangerous Trophy includes grizzly bear, black bear, mountain lion, panther, puma, and lion. But be careful because Dangerous Trophies are out to get you. The Dangerous Trophy will appear at the end of a site and will charge as it tries to attack the player. The player must shoot the animal before it attacks. Extra points are awarded for the further away the animal is shot.

New Bonus Rounds

Stocked with 15 bonus rounds, you'll be challenged at the end of each site. 9 are brand new like Twister Bonus, Skydive, and Fireworks. 4 are oldies but goodies like Duck Hunt and Frog Flippin'. And 2 are sequels to original bonuses...Step off of Pappy's porch and see what goes on inside of his shack AND find out what happens to the cows after they are abducted by aliens.

Player Account

Any cash prizes won from Add-On Tourneys or National Tournaments will automatically be entered into your player account. No need to claim a prize, this happens automatically. You will be able to access this account from any Big Buck HD machine and use that money to pay for games. If you prefer you can let the money build up and cash out using the website.

Social Networking

Post messages to your facebook and Twitter accounts. Keep your friends in the loop on where and when you're playing and how well you are doing.

Friends List

Any player that you play against will be entered into your Friends List. You'll be able to keep track of these players and compare your scores against them. Use the website to add/delete players.

Buck Points

Earn Buck Points by competing in tournaments and completing challenges. Use these Buck Points to redeem for great Big Buck merchandise at the website.

Store to be available soon.

Location Finder

Now you'll never have to go another night with out Big Buck HD. Find Big Buck HD machines where ever you may be using the Location Finder. All Big Buck HD machines will be online so they will be easy to find.

So find a game and get out there to enjoy all of these new features and make your mark as one of the first Big Buck HD hunters.