Big Buck World Championship 2013

By Mike - 8/20/2013

Qualifying Rounds begin September 8th!

The Big Buck World Championship gathers the best Big Buck HD players in the country to battle for over $50,000 in prize money with a top prize of $15,000. Beyond the big check and glory that comes with winning, it's a hell of a party!

The sixth annual Big Buck World Championship will be coming home to Chicago with an increased prize pool and, if you can imagine, an even bigger, more robust event to include more activities for friends and fans that are not competing. If you've never been to the World Championship there's no better time to start. If you're a repeat guest, prepare to be blown away.

It all starts with a revamped Online Qualifying Tournament that runs September 8th through October 13th which can be played at any participating online Big Buck HD game machine across the country. The top 64 players from the World will be invited to Chicago for the 2-day World Championship Weekend in early November (exact dates will be announced soon).

If you don't qualify for the event, don't let that stop you from enjoying the weekend. This is a 'can't miss' party and you will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance for this event.

In addition to the main event we will also be hosting the third annual Ladies Tournament. The ladies tournament is comprised of the top 32 female players and has a top prize of $5,000.

NOTE TO ALL LADIES: You can compete in both the Ladies Tournament and the World Championship. Do yourself a favor and qualify for both to increase your chances of bringing home some big money. The qualifying tournament for the ladies will run during the same time as the World Championship qualifiers. They are separate tournaments so make sure to join both.

Friday (date TBD) will play host to the World's largest Big Buck Party with drinks, food, and entertainment. In addition, the ladies will be battling it out for the top prize of $5,000 in a double elimination bracketed shootout (2 guns) tournament on Friday night. There will be lots of action as well as plenty of Big Buck HD games on free play for you to practice plus other arcade games for your enjoyment.

The 2013 World Championship Main Event will take place on Saturday (date TBD) with the 64 best players in the World facing off against each other in a double elimination bracketed shootout (2 guns) tournament. If you've never attended the World Championship, you owe it to yourself to make this your first. Beyond the Big Buck games, the tournament, the Big Buck Girls, and the huge prizes, this event gives you an opportunity to mingle with some of the top players in the game and create unforgettable memories.

It's a huge party that allows players from across the country to meet, eat, and drink. Whether you win or lose, you will not walk away from the weekend disappointed.

And let's not forget that $15,000 top prize! You can start your quest for the glory at your nearest online Big Buck HD game machine this September. Good luck!

How will qualifying work?

World Championship The 2013 World Championship will be a national tournament (no regions). Players will compete on Big Buck HD game machines starting on September 8th.

There will be 5 different tournaments that players must compete in during the qualification period in order to qualify for the World Championship. Each of the 5 tournaments will feature a different animal. All 5 tournaments are open for competition during the entire 5 weeks and players must compete in each one in order to appear on the main leaderboard. Each animal tournament will be a two trek tournament.

Within each of the 5 animal tournaments, the leaderboard will aggregate each player's highest 10 scores. That means your top ten scores with in each animal tournament are added up to give you a total score for that animal tournament. You are free to play as many times as you would like to improve upon these scores. For each of the 5 animal tournaments, players will be ranked by the total of their highest 10 scores. This rank is what factors into the player's total points on the main leaderboard.

The overall main leaderboard aggregates the ranks from each of the 5 animal leaderboards. The lower the total points, the higher the player will rank. i.e. If a player takes 1st place in each of the 5 animal leaderboards, then that player will have total points of 5. He received one point for first place and took first place in all 5 tournaments, so that gives him 5 total points (that is the best anyone can do).

The top 52 players from the overall main leaderboard will qualify for the World Championship. Players still have a chance to qualify as a wild card. The wild card leaderboard is based off of total cumulative score (that means any score you shoot while playing in any of the 5 qualifying tournaments will be added together). The top 11 players on the wild card leaderboard will qualify for the World Championship. There is a minimum plays of 50 to rank on the wild card leaderboard.

Ladies Tournament The ladies tournament is a National Tournament (no regions). Ladies will begin qualifying on September 8th on Big Buck HD game machines across the country. The tournament will be a 2 trek tournament. There will be a 15 game minimum to qualify.

The Ladies Qualifying Tournament can be found under the 'Special Events' button on the lower right hand corner of the screen during game selection. Only ladies can qualify, so guys don't waste your will be deleted at the end of the qualifying round.

The top 20 spots on the leaderboard are based on a single high score. If a player's score fits into the top 20, that is where she will be ranked and those 20 women will qualify for the Ladies Tournament. Any player that doesn't have a high score that fits in the top 20 will be ranked by cumulative score on the wild card leaderboard. The top 12 cumulative scores will qualify for the Ladies Tournament.