Event History


The first-ever Big Buck World Championship was held in Chicago at Excalibur Night Club. 24 of the country's best players came to compete on Big Buck Hunter Pro.

In the end, Jerad Berg proved to be the best hunter in the room, becoming the first player in Big Buck history to be immortalized on Pappy's Jug.

Little did we know, Jerad's win would be a sign of things to come…


The following year marked some dramatic changes in the Big Buck World Championship. Not only did the number of competitors increase to 32, but two separate Championships were held - one on the newly updated Big Buck Hunter Pro: Open Season and one on Big Buck Safari.

In a move that made all of us a little concerned about the diversity of last names featured on our trophies, Jerad returned to take the title on Safari and his brother, Nick Berg took the title in Pro! The now infamous Berg family left Chicago's District Bar $20,000 richer.


In year three, the Berg Bros. returned to the World Championship stage at Chicago's Cubby Bear, but with a much larger task at hand. The number of competitors in each tournament ballooned to 64 - 62 of whom were hungry to steal their thunder.

It was a hard fought battle to the top, but at the end of the night, two new names were added to the Pro and Safari trophies - Trevor Floren and Alex Derhohannesian, respectively. The Bergs' perfect streak had ended.


In a move that surprised players everywhere, we combined the tournaments into one in 2011. If players wanted to truly prove themselves worthy of Pappy's Jug, they would have to rise to the challenge in both Big Buck Hunter Pro: Open Season AND Big Buck Safari: Outback, the latest upgrade to Big Buck Safari. Like the tournament, the game itself was combined into one cabinet - Big Buck World.

Nick Robbins took home the glory (and the newly increased $15,000 grand prize) and Sara Erlandson became our first-ever Ladies Tourney Champion, beating out 15 other talented huntresses from around the country.


To celebrate the release of Big Buck HD, we went BIG in 2012, moving the event to New York's Altman Building, and throwing a party unlike anything our players had seen before.

After a great competition, the final 8 players all hailed from the Midwest. Nick Robbins, perhaps inspired by the Bergs, fought his way to the finals - but was outgunned by Chris Fream, another World Championship veteran.

Sara Erlandson also proved to be a force to be reckoned with, not only defending her title in the Ladies Tourney, but placing 4th overall in the World Championship!


2013 saw the return of the World Championship to its home town - and to celebrate, we
transformed Chicago’s hottest new venue, 1st Ward at Chop Shop, into an epic, 2-story
Big Buck battle arena!

The Championship was filled with stunning upsets by some fresh new faces, but in the end -
it was veteran hunter Trevor Gartner of Wisconsin’s “Sconnie Snipers” that stood victorious!

And speaking of returning players - Melinda Van Hoomissen, with the sting of 2012’s narrow
defeat fresh in her mind, stepped up and denied Sara Erlandson her much talked about 3-peat
in the Ladies Tourney after a truly breathtaking final match.


In 2014, we brought the World Championship to the epicenter of Big Buck fandom itself - Minneapolis, MN!

With people from every corner of the Pourhouse and indeed, every corner of the world watching (thanks to a slick new broadcast on Twitch), the pressure was on. One by one, players were knocked out, and as the smoke cleared, a plush lion hat came into view - it was none other than Derek Tower! Perhaps our most humble Champion, he was quoted as saying that the title means more to him than the big check.

The now legendary rivalry between 2-time winner Sara Erlandson and sitting Ladies Champ Melinda Van Hoomissen hung heavy in the air as they both stepped into the spotlight for the final match. After a vicious back-and-forth game, Sara managed to win back her coveted title!


For the 2015 Big Buck World Championship, we rack 'n' rolled at the Hard Rock Cafe in the heart of Chicago!

In what can only be described as a record breaking and heart racing tournament, we saw some of the best competition we've seen to date! Complimented by 220,000 views live on Twitch, we saw two heavy hitters of the Big Buck World, Derek Tower and Trevor Gartner, duke it out for that coveted spot as a Two Time World Champion. After putting on a Big Buck Clinic, Trevor Gartner hoisted the check and walked away a Champion with the $15,000 prize for his recently announced unborn child!

In the Ladies Championship, we saw another rematch, featuring the biggest Big Buck Rivalry. Sara Erlandson and Melinda Van Hoomissen met on stage yet again, for one of the most intense matches of the weekend. Sara was able to maintain her cool throughout and continued on to become a four time Ladies Tournament Winner!